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    Podcast 386 is UP!!!

    08 May 2015


    Dudes, Redskins podcast 387 is UP!!! We give our draft analysis, and we Touch on the Undrafted Free Agents and the CUUUUUTS!!!

    Enjoy! HTTR.

    A, J, & J.

    Redskins Podcast 385 is UP!!!

    13 Mar 2015

    Check it out, it even works correctly on iTunes this time, thanks to A. A. Ron Allen, Center, Radford University.




    A, J, and J

    Podcast 384 is UP!!!!!

    10 Feb 2015

    Dudes, episode 384 is hot off the presses. Check it…

    Redskins Podcast 382 is UP!!!

    27 Dec 2014

    calmYo yo YO!!! I’ll keep it short – we knocked the Iggs out of playoff contention. Time to BEAT DALLASS and go out on a high note.

    A, J, & J.



    Redskins Podcast 380 and 381 are UP.

    17 Dec 2014

    (Credit – Brian McNally via WP)

    Dudes. We. Are. Horrible. Two games to go…

    In this weeks episode we talk about the latest debacle, this time against the Giants. It was so bad, Santana Moss got ejected. Wow.

    In any event, listen and commiserate.


    A & J.