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    Redskins Podcast 405 is UP!!!

    05 Jan 2016

    Hey…how ’bout them Cowboys???  CUUUUUUT!!!!!

    Dudes, Harry Hog Football episode 405 is UP! Check it out so you can continue to revel in the destruction of the Dallass Cowboys in the season finale. Well, the season finale for Dallass.  WE…are moving on to THE PLAYOFFS…

    We didn’t get the match-up against the Seahawks that we wanted, but that’s ok – we’ll see them in the NFC Championship Game in a few weeks. In the meantime…

    Welcome to Jack Kent Cooke stadium, Aaron Rodgers. Meet Swaggy P and Pot Roast…


    A and J
    Just Say No To Cowboys

    Redskins Podcast 404 is UP!!!

    28 Dec 2015


    Demolition of Philadelphia COMPLETE.

    Activate Backups in preparation for Dallass Week.

    Commence planning for Home Playoff Game versus Green Bay/Minnesota/Seattle.





    A, J, & J.

    Redskins Podcast 403 is UP!!!

    24 Dec 2015

    ...and JOKE the Iggles too, while you're at it.

    Dudes, it’s very simple: We beat the Iggs Saturday night, we win the NFC East. Period.

    Merry Christmas. Hail.

    A and J

    Redskins Podcast 402 is UP!!!

    19 Dec 2015

    Don’t call it Episode 401 (like John).

    Welcome to Harry Hog Episode 402. This week we talk about the VICTORY over Da Bears. We also talk about Jordan Reed’s MONSTER game, Pot Roast, the upcoming game against the Bills, and the fact that we are, somehow, still in 1st place in the division.


    A and J

    Redskins Podcast 401 is UP!!!

    12 Dec 2015

    calmDudes. We can’t even talk about it anymore, so just listen to the podcast about last weeks DEBACLE against Dallass. So pissed off.  STILL.

    In any event…

    It was a fitting final few minutes for such a storied rivalry, but, well, F that we didn’t win so never mind. Night Game. Best record in the NFC Least. Jason Witten gets his 1,000th bawl against the Redskins. Redskins lose. Again.


    We’re still in first place.

    And we have a revenge game in week 17.


    A and J