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    14 Oct 2014

    A Cowboys fan, Colonel Sanders and Celine Dion walk into a bar…


    Welcome to Harry Hog Football episode 373, the Virtual Bird Arms episode. We Suck. Six weeks and the season is already practically over. Cap’n Kirk has completely S’d the Bed. Again. The D. couldn’t stop anyone for the entire first half. Again. The Special Teams SUCKED. Again.

    In. Any. Event….

    Dudes, Barf looked completely shell-shocked in the post-game. I bet he didn’t think things were going to SUCK this badly, but hey, it’s the Redskins, Barf, we’ve been cursed since the end of Joe Gibbs 1.0.

    Welp…hard to get happy right now, but we are True Fans, so we’ll be here for the duration. Hail.

    A, J, & J.

    Redskins Podcast 372 is UP!!!

    11 Oct 2014

    That video clip pretty much sums up the game against the Seasquawks.

    Next game is at the Cardinals, a team we have a rich history of beating the crap out of. Which of course means that we’ll lose by about 20. But we’re still gonna watch, because we are true fans.

    HAIL. A & J.

    Redskins Podcast 371 is UP!!!

    29 Sep 2014

    Debacle. Double-Debacle. Cluster-Bacle.

    What a steaming pile of fresh brown slurry from the local dairy farm. Dudes…what can we say? Cluster-Bacle. Cluster-Bacle Squared.

    That’s Cluster-Bacle^2 (to the second power, in case you’re a Dallass fan). Why wasn’t it a Cluster-Bacle^3 (Cubed – again, Dallass fans, I’m here to help you)?

    Because…we may need that designation on Monday night when the Seahawks come to town.

    In any event…in this week’s podcast we talk about C-B^2: Utter Destruction by the G-Men. We also get Josh’s take on the stadium experience during said debacle.

    “It was great, until the game started…” -Josh

    HAIL. A, J, & J.

    See Sean Taylor light a fool up HERE.

    Redskins Podcast 370 is UP!!!

    23 Sep 2014


    Welcome to Harry Hog Football episode 370 – the Glory Hole episode. Dudes, D. Hall is out for the YEAR! That’s two pretty important dudes who we’ve lost to non-contact injuries in just the first three games. It’s like John said last week, “These dudes work out too much! They never give their bodies time to heal!”

    In any event…

    We ALMOST beat the Iggles, but yet another NFC East loss in the books. Hopefully Cap’n Kirk can lead our battered troops to a VICTORY against the Giants on Thursday. And forget what all these Eagles ‘fans’ keep saying about that hit by Chet Baker – it was totally legal – just look at the vine below (huh huh) and see for yourself. He’s engaged in the play, and he’s in position to make an attempt of a tackle, if he has to:

    Don’t worry, we’ll see those puke-green punks again December 20th. At Jack Kent Cooke Stadium. Revenge Time.

    But first, the G-Men on a Thursday night. And until then, check out the poll below and tell us who/what should earn the moniker of ‘The Candy Wagon’…

    What should be called the candy wagon?

    • Darrel Young (57%, 4 Votes)
    • Gary Busey (43%, 3 Votes)
    • The Football (0%, 0 Votes)
    • Aaron digging for pay dirt (0%, 0 Votes)

    Total Voters: 7

    Loading ... Loading ...

    Redskins Podcast 369 is UP!!!

    18 Sep 2014

    I said squeeze my HAND, 3. Seriously….

    Oh, RGIII…once again, what made you famous has become your downfall.

    Dudes, the replay from behind looked like a slo-mo of a racehorse breaking it’s leg on the track at Pimlico. That sucked so bad.

    And then…Sunshine came in and scored a butt-ton of points. QB controversy? It’s impossible to say no at this point, unless Cap’n Kirk totally sucks over the next few weeks. Good thing he gets to start against the Iggles. Ugh.

    By the way, it was really refreshing to see TEN sacks…

    HTTR Dudes. Get Better Soon, 3.

    A, J, & J.