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    Redskins Podcast 396 is UP!!!

    08 Nov 2015

    Yo yo YO!!! Harry Hog Football podcast 396 is UP!!!

    In our latest episode, Aaron and John talk about the last game – a VICTORY! against the hated Bucs.

    We’re so tired of playing Tampa Bay every year. Every. Single. Year. Except for this year, because it was payback for that DEBACLE from last year.

    We call it the battle for the NFC SouthEast Conference.

    In any event…

    Enjoy episode 396 as you get ready for today’s game!


    Aaron and John

    Redskins Podcast 395 is UP!!!

    20 Oct 2015

    Yo yo YO!!! Redskins Podcast 395 is up and running for your aural enjoyment.

    In this weeks episode we talk about yet another debacle, losing to the J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS! 34-20, after we lead 13-10 at the half. Once again, we S’ed the bed in the second half and lost a game we were capable of winning. Cap’n Kirk looked pretty horrible on the vast majority of his passes. The running game was abandoned WAY to early, so once again Alfred Morris wasn’t in the game enough. Dudes, we could go on and on…

    In any event…

    Enjoy the podcast. Next game is the annual battle for the SouthEast Division, Redskins versus Bucs, 1pm at Jack Kent Cooke stadium. If this game ends up being anything like last year’s DEBACLE (that John walked out of), well, let’s just say that there had better be some changes coming to the team AND the coaching staff.

    HAIL.  A, J, and J.

    We don't know where this picture came from, but it's hilarious.

    We don’t know where this picture came from, but it’s hilarious.

    Redskins Podcast 394 is UP!!!

    17 Oct 2015

    Yo yo YO!!! Welcome to Harry Hog Football episode 394, the Sausage-fest episode. This week we talk about all the freaking injuries heading into the Ghettolands to face Gang Green. Our O-Line is in deep trouble without Schnell and Silverback, and with Josh’s Dawg Josh Licorice giving Cap’n Kirk all the Chaotic Funk he can handle.

    All this and much much more – LIVE! – with Aaron, Josh, and John.


    Redskins Podcast 393 is UP!!!

    02 Oct 2015

    NOT Terrance Plumber...

    NOT Terrance Plumber…

    Yo yo YO!!! Redskins Podcast 393 is UP!!! And guess what?…John (Probable: Chest) is BACK!!!

    Unfortunately we’re missing Josh this week due to illness, or maybe he’s just too sick from watching the last DEBACLE to come on…because we sucked in the Ghettolands AGAIN! At night AGAIN!

    In any event…

    Enjoy the podcast and remember to joke any Cowboys fans you see.

    HTTR! -A & J

    Yo Yo Yo! Harry Hog Episode 391is up!

    19 Sep 2015

    Debacle. Capt. Kirk gets B-/C+. Cobra Kai is CUT. Another week in Washington.  We recap the game against the Dolphins, talk cuts and transactions, and touch on this week’s game against the Rams of Los St. Louis.  Live with Aaron, Josh, and John.


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