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    Redskins Podcast 345 is UP!!!

    16 Nov 2013

    Yo yo YO!!!  Dudes…we SUCK. Actually, we don’t suck….The SHANAHANS do!!!

    Some people feel that the coaching staff should be gone. Some people think that they should get another year with the full salary cap to turn things around. Either way, we’re 3-6 for the third year in a row, our once-super stout 4-3 Defense is now a sucky 3-4 with a Coordinator that never coached a 3-4 before, and the Shanaplan is currently 24-33 at just over the halfway point of it’s fourth year. What do you guys think we should do?

    In any event, we’re STILL only 1 1/2 games out of First Place in the NFC Least, and a victory over the Iggles will go a long way to turn things around. Let’s hope the Defense actually shows up and Kyle stops calling plays like he’s playing Madden 25.


    A, J, & J.

    Redskins Podcast 343 is UP!!!

    30 Oct 2013

    ImageYo dudes. That. Sucked.

    Alright, though John has put his head back on the railroad tracks, we are trying to stay positive here at Harry Hog Football.  We are, after all, only TWO games out of first place (more-or-less). If we beat the Super-Chargers this weekend at The Jack, we really do have a chance…if Kyle stops being an idiot and actually calls an intelligent gameplan. What a moron….

    In any event….

    In this weeks episode we talk about the debacle at Mile High, Merriweather and PUGH, DeAngelo Hall’s resurgence, and we update you on the Sean Taylor murder case.

    All this and much, much more…LIVE!…with Aaron and John.

    Redskins Podcast 342 is UP!!!

    23 Oct 2013

    Yo yo YOOOOO!!!!!

    VICTORY! 2-5, Baby! And yet, we’re only 2 games out of first place. How about that?

    In this week’s episode we talk about how the hell we suddenly scored 45 points. ‘Rak. Helu. Reed.  III looked the best he’s looked since The Injury.

    We also talk about Merriweather. And the Special Teams.  How does Keith Burns still have a job?  Seriously???

    In any event, we’re only 2 games out in the NFL LEast. It ain’t over yet!


    A, J, and J.


    And now, a more modern version of the Redskins logo...if it went to Cici's with Fat Albert every day....

    And now, a more modern version of the Redskins logo…if it went to Cici’s with Fat Albert every day….

    Redskins Podcast 341 is UP!!!

    14 Oct 2013

    Dudes, we are all BACK!….and we HATE the Freaking Cowboys.

    Dudes…First, the Special Teams Coach, Ken Burns….CUT!!!!!

    Second, the referee who didn’t give us the ball after it hit that Dallass dude in the Corn….CUT!!!!!

    Third, Mike Shanahan and the Shanaplan, it’s been 3 1/2 years and we still suck….CUUUUUUT!!!!!

    What a debacle, this was a winnable game. We are de-pressed.


    A, J, & J.

    Oh. My......

    Oh My……

    Redskins Podcast 340 is UP!!!

    04 Oct 2013

    Yo yo YO!!! We Won! We’re only one game out of 1st!  Woo-Hoo!!!!!

    This week we talk about the VICTORY over the Raiders. Bye Week this week, and then….at DallASS.


    A, J, & J

    UH….did he take a seat in the sewage flood in the visitor’s dugout? NAST!!!