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    Podcast 356 is UP!!!

    01 Apr 2014

    Yo yo YO!!!!  Dudes!!!!  Did we sign DeSean Jackson yet???

    Welcome to Harry Hog Football episode 356. In our latest show we talk about who the Redskins have signed, haven’t signed, and should/should not sign (D-Jax).

    Big debate in Harry Hog Nation over D-Jax. He’s looked at as a Diva WR, a troublemaker in the locker room, and a possible gang member…or not. Who knows. But know this: Since 2009 he’s had more 40 yard-or-longer TD receptions than ANYONE ELSE. John says SIGN HIM. Aaron says NO. Josh says…well, you’ll just have to tune in and see what Josh says.


    A, J, & J

    Redskins Podcast 355 is UP!!!

    12 Mar 2014

    Dudes, Free Agency has arrived and we are PUUUUMPED!!!

    We totally signed all of the bright shiny free agents available, it’s like 2001 all over again….

    Or Not.

    Dudes, the Redskins have been quite frugal in Free Agency so far, after using 1/3rd of their cap space by slapping the franchise tag on Orakpo. No high-end signings, no money wasted on dudes past their primes…however Darrelle Revis was released by the Bucs, so that might be the one.

    In our latest episode we talk about the dudes we signed. There’s a couple of good choices there, a couple of role players, a couple of key Vets are back, and many, many more spots to fill.

    And for the record, I’m still not convinced about Josh’s RANT that I thought Arliss Hicks was a better choice than Perry Riley, Jr.

    Aaron and John.

    Dudes, we signed THIS GUY!!!! (championship…)

    Redskins Podcast 354 is UP!!!

    04 Mar 2014

    YO. We’re Back, Dudes.

    Welcome to Harry Hog Football episode 354, Dudes!  We’re back from our sabbaticals following the Taint of the Offseason, and just in time, because Free Agency is upon us and the Redskins have undergone a bunch of signings and CUUUUTS!!!!

    Orakpo: Franchised.

    Carriker: CUT!

    Chet Baker: Signed!

    Sav: CUT!

    Aldrick: Signed!

    Dick Quinn: CUT!

    Free Agency starts March 11th; you know we’re gonna rule the offseason again in true Snyder fashion.


    A, J, & J.

    Redskins Podcast 353 is UP!!!

    29 Jan 2014

    Yo Yo Yo!!!

    Welcome to Harry Hog Football episode 353. Though it’s still a few more days until the Pro Football Championship Game, we’re already ramping up for what has become the best time of the year for Redskins Fans: The Offseason!

    We get to sign a bunch of Free Agents again this year!

    Where’s Bruce Smith? Adam Archuleta? How about Deion? Oh, he was coaching in the Pro Bowl? That’s so weird…

    In Any Event…

    In this weeks episode we talk about the somewhat revamped Coaching Staff, the kind-of-exciting-for-once Pro Bowl, and a few other odds-and-ends. Enjoy.


    A, J, & J

    Redskins Podcast 352 is UP!!! (Finally)

    13 Jan 2014

    jgrudenczarniakespneyebawlsDudes…it’s Chucky……’s Brother. Jay Gruden. Jay Gruden??? Hmmm….

    Well, it is a hiring in the vein of Joe Gibbs, so there’s that.

    He’s in the Hall of Fame…the Arena League Hall of Fame, so there’s that.

    He’s…he’s Jon Gruden’s brother, so there’s that.


    I know, I know:  He’s NOT Mike Freaking Shanahan! THAT’S the biggest positive there is!


    A, J, & J