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    Redskins Podcast 367 is UP!!!

    06 Sep 2014

    Dudes…Finally…it’s Football Season. We are so incredibly pumped.

    Check out Aaron’s Annual Precarious Predictions for the 2014 Season on our latest podcast! HAIL YEAH!!!

    Redskins Podcast 366 is UP!!!

    26 Aug 2014

    Dudes. That loss to the Starlings was less than impressive. However, the D looked rather good, the O kinda sucked, and the Special Teams were better than last year – which means they were great, comparatively.

    Alright, we all know 3 is not looking legit. Be Patient. It’s a new offense. 3 is not used to passing from the pocket. Barf is not showing near his full hand in preseason….or he’s the second coming of Akili Smith. And what’s up with the CUT! of Rob Jackson???

    In Any Event, enjoy podcast 366, and remember, bad background music is still background music.


    The Baltimore Starlings mascot. Via Joe Flacco.

    Redskins Podcast 365 is UP!!!

    20 Aug 2014

    Dudes, just check out this auction: Earnest Byner’s Nasty-Ass Nail Clippers


    Enjoy Podcast number 365 – one ‘cast for every day of the next year, dudes!!!

    A, J, & J.

    I Love You Guys

    Redskins Podcast 364 is UP!!!

    12 Aug 2014


    And a big F.U. to all the Cowboys Fans watching…gotta stop eating cabbage right before the game…

    Yo yo YO!!!

    (Preseason) VICTORY over the Cheaters, err…, Patriots!

    Only one dude truly sucked in this game, and he’s already been….CUUUUUT!!!

    In this week’s episode, we talk about the preseason game versus the Pat-Riots, we give our Kicks and Games, and we talk about Barf’s 9 second flick-off of every Dallass Fan in America.


    The WORLD.


    A, J, & J.

    Redskins Podcast 363 is UP!!!

    05 Aug 2014

    Hoodie / Cheater Parking Only

    What do coaches mean when they say that they like a player’s “length?”

    — Charles Willis, Easton, Pa.

    WP, 8/5/14

    Yo yo YO!!! DUDES, Football starts in Two Days!!!!!…Well, Preseason Football. Redskins vs. Cheater Patriots. You know the drill.

    We at Harry Hog Football can’t wait for Preseason Game no. 1. Hopefully we won’t play like no. 2, but hey, who cares, it’s preseason. Time to start shaping up the roster and CUUUUUT!!! the scrubs (no offense, scrubs…we’re looking at you, Courtney Bridget, Jr.).


    A, J, and J.