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    Redskins Podcast 351 is UP!!!

    27 Dec 2013

    Yo. Dudes, that SUCKED. One Freaking Point. Heartbreak. We can barely deal with it, and it’s been five days.

    In Any Event…

    One more game of this Debacle of a season and hopefully we’ll fire Every Coach, blow this dumpster fire up, and start over. Oh, and hopefully RG3 can come back completely healthy in 2014 and not blow his ACL out for the third time in his football career.

    At least the Hail BBQ dudes were cool to hang with. Oh, and Dudes, iTunes may be unavailable for downloading the podcast for the next few days while they revamp something-or-other, but you can always listen to the podcast directly from our website if they can’t get their shyte together.


    A, J, & J.

    Redskins Podcast 350 is UP!!!

    19 Dec 2013

    Just Say No To Cowboys

    7 turnovers, and yet we almost pulled it out (sick).

    Only two words matter now: BEAT DALLASS.







    Redskins Podcast 349 is UP!!!

    10 Dec 2013

    Yo. Dudes. What. A. DEBACLE.

    The picture below from The Post says it all:


    (via CBS through The Washington Post)


    There’s so much to bitch about, but you dudes can listen to the podcast for that, because my fingers would cramp up if I wrote about every single reason why we Freaking Suck.

    In any event…

    Aaron and John will be at the Dallass game because we are not Fair Weathers. Josh is allegedly going to be there as well. We’ll see. What’s more important is that the dudes on the team get over quitting on their crappy coaching staff and Man Up for the last 3 games of the season, and especially the Dallass game…that’s all we really have left, to be honest.


    Aaron and John

    Redskins Podcast 348 is UP!!!

    03 Dec 2013

    The Dumbest Officiating Crew in Football. Since at least 1999.

    The Dumbest Officiating Crew in Football. Since at least 1999.


    Yo. Chavs. Dudes, we SUUUUUUUUUCK.

    In any event….

    In our latest episode we talk about how we figured out new and better ways to screw up and lose yet another game. 3-9, you’re welcome, St. Louis.

    We also talk about how bad Jeff Triplette’s officiating crew was. Seriously, we’ve been calling him out since 1999.  We also get a visit from Jerome Boger’s Yard Stick, we give our Games and Kicks, and we pontificate about the Nelson Family Tree.

    Hello, MaryLou.  Goodbye Heart. Ricky Nelson, this episode goes out to you.

    A, J, & J.


    Redskins Podcast 346 is UP!!!

    19 Nov 2013

    Whelp, this pretty much sums up our season. (Toni L. Sands/Washington Post)

    Whelp, this pretty much sums up our season. (Toni L. Sands/Washington Post)

    Yo yo YO!!!!!

    Tre’ Johnson, take it away….

    “Man…We SUCK!”

    Dudes…what can we say? We were down 17-0 at the half. The Shanny’s were outcoached. Silverback was verbally abused by the Umpire. Allegedly. Our O-Line can’t block. Our Defense can’t tackle. And don’t even bring up the Special Teams….

    Basically, we can’t stop kicking our own asses.

    We’re THREE and FREAKING SEVEN in the 4th YEAR of the Shanaplan.  CUUUUUT!!!

    In any event…

    In this weeks episode, we talk about all that and much, much more. OH! And we also bring back NFL Referee Jerome Boger* for Boger’s Rule Book Yardstick. Take that Mike Pereira.


    Aaron, John, and Jerome.

    *May or May Not really be Jerome Boger