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    Redskins Episode 426 is UP!!!!

    19 Jan 2017

    Yo Dudes…HOW ‘BOUT THEM COWBOYS?!?!?!

    In this weeks episode, we talk about THAT. Also, we talk about looking for new Defensive AND Offensive Coordinators. All that and much much more…LIVE!…with Aaron and John


    A & J

    Episode 426 LIVE on YouTube Tonight at 7:45 pm

    Join us tonight dudes, right here, or join the chat over on YouTube…

    Episode 425 is Ready to Roll.

    03 Jan 2017

    Whelp, there goes the season.

    Blame Kirk. Blame Dustin. Blame Joe Defeated Barry. Blame Barf.

    Blame whoever. It matters not, because the season is over.

    Check out this weeks podcast about losing to the Gnats, Kirk’s Contract, Defeated not getting fired yet, and what have you. It’s actually pretty cool, unlike the last game.

    A, J, and J.

    Episode 425 LIVE STREAM TONIGHT! 7:45 on YouTube

    Be there or be square.  Watch us talk about the debacle against the Giants. Click Watch on YouTube to join the chat!


    Episode 424 is UUUUUP!!!

    Dudes…Ok. We were playing a 3-11 team, and they played so badly that we ended up with five picks. FIVE!!! But that was a massive win for us, and we ran away with it in the second half. Which was nice. We don’t normally have comfortable victories like this very often.

    SO basically…we win and we’re in. Unless the Lions and Packers tie. Watch out for collusion. It could happen.

    Go Redskins. Beat the Giants.

    A & J