Originated in 1998, the phrase “Harry Hog” was coined by our own Johnathan Adams (John) during a foosball game with Aaron, where after Aaron scored a goal John shouted, “You suck! You can suck my Harry Hog!”

Our Moms’ said, “That this wasn’t very nice”.

From there it evolved to eventually find a home in our Redskins vocabulary, as part of a softer, more endearing term. Today, Harry Hog Football stands as an icon for Redskins Fans everywhere…fans who don’t take crap from anyone…fans who speak their minds and aren’t afraid to say what they really mean. If the Redskins suck… we’ll say they suck. If they are playing well, we might still point out the individuals who suck. Regardless, we try to tell it like it is.

We hope you come to appreciate the term as much as we do, and feel free to make it your own….

The Harry Hog Football podcast began during the 2005 football campaign when we thought that there should be a podcast produced completely by fans, who don’t try to pose as professional broadcasters. As our listener numbers grew, at the end of 2005, we supplemented the podcast with a full-featured website which included a blog, a forum, and eventually a merchandise store. Heck, we even threw in a fantasy football league.

The beauty of our site and podcast is that we are not out to make money. Therefore we don’t have to junk it up with ads and what not, and we can say what we want without having to worry what our sponsors might think! Except for the occasional fictitious ads for items such as Rid-A-Poo and Triangle Casket Store that Josh squeezes into the podcast, our site and podcast is not only free, but ad-free. (If you like our site and want to show support, why not buy something from our shop where all the proceeds go to making the podcast and site better!

As always, Hail to the Redskins, and if you see a Cowboys fan… Joke ’em!

-Aaron, Josh, and John