UPDATE: Goodell and the NFL have backtracked a bit on whether The Redskins are in the clear in regards to 3G’s Bounty program. Until Monday evening (the first evening of the Owner’s Meeting), the NFL’s official line was that the investigation was no longer active and that no teams, other than The Saints, would be punished.  Now he’s saying that it is, in fact, open again:

“We haven’t closed the investigation,” Goodell said. “We haven’t stopped investigating, and if we get new information, we’ll act on it.” (ESPN)

It must’ve been tough for him to not add “Dan Snyder” to the end of his statement on that during his presser. A shot across the bow in regards to the Illegal salary cap hit?  Sounds like it to me.


The Danny and The Jerry vs. Dicktator Goodell has started, and they get to all hang out in a cozy hotel conference room today as the Owner’s Meeting gets underway. As you’ve probably heard, both owners are teaming up to fight the salary cap hit Goodell, with the pushing of other owners such as the Giants John Mara, imposed (illegally) on both clubs. I say, “Hell Yeah.”  However… man, it churns my stomach to have to team up with freaking Dallass, but this is a classic example of “The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend.”

Almost couldn’t type that.  I swear my Darrell Green bobble head is frowning at me.

Read more about it at Yahoo! thru the picture below…

Wrong...Just Wrong...




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