What’s up, Bawls?  Podcast #285 is UP!!! Is that LaRon?

In our latest episode, we talk about the Pro Days at Baylor and Stanford, i.e., the Pro Days for Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin the 3rd.  Seriously, both look like Specimens, but we think the general consensus is that RGIII is the guy for Shanny’s Offense.

We also talk more about Free Agency, as in, why haven’t we re-signed London?  We don’t even mention LaRon Landry, probably because he’s too stupid to actually have the surgery that he needs to continue playing in the NFL at any kind of competitive level, and the fact that all he knows how to do now is Pick Things Up and Put Them Down.  We extrapolate upon Dicktator Goodell’s Soon-To-Be Regretable $36 million dollar hit on the Redskins salary cap for doing nothing wrong (the Owner’s Meeting is next week), and we ponder why The Danny, The Shanny and Allen the Bruce decided to spend the night before RGIII’s Pro Day at the local Hooters in Waco…

ENJOY!!!! –John

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