Yo yo yo, after a bit of a layoff during the Taint of the Offseason, we suddenly had to get our act together and talk about all the shit that’s been going down over the last week.  And shit has definitely been going down…

Goodell, this aggression will not stand, man...

In this week’s episode, we talk about the MASSIVE trade for the #2 pick in the draft, and how the DICK-tator, Roger Goodell, has suddenly decided that we broke some fake rule that didn’t exist and he’s going to take away $36 MILLION DOLLARS of our salary cap space -I guarantee that The Danny, and The Jerry in Dallass (who’s out $10 million), are meeting about their options in regards to this, there’s no way they’re going to lie down and take this without a fight, especially since they didn’t break ANY rules.

In any event, we also talk about the first couple of signings in Free Agency (our new, young receiver corps) and who we still need to sign (Safeties, O-Linemen), LaRon Landry’s addiction to working out and how it’s going to end his career (Hello, David Boston anyone?), and Aaron Neville makes a quick guest appearance because, well, he loves Harry Hog Football.


HTTR! –John

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