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    Redskins Podcast 377 is up.

    25 Nov 2014

    Redskins Podcast 376 is UP!!!

    12 Nov 2014

    Yo yo YO. Dudes, we’re back from the Bye Week. Hopefully Jim Haslett is as well, because he started HIS bye week a little early. Dude. Blitz. Seriously….

    In any event…

    Dudes, 3 didn’t look so bad, other than that pick and that last throw. But seriously, he looked pretty good coming off of that injury. What really killed us was the fact that their rook QB never got blitzed.

    So Dudes, hopefully our Defense will be unleashed like it was against Dallass, and if you want to hang with us give us a tweet @harryhog – we’ll be there.


    A, J, & J.

    Redskins Podcast 375 is UP!!! Dallass SUUUCKS!!!!!

    30 Oct 2014

    oh, I understandYO!!!  WE BEAT DALLASS!!!!!

    Dudes…Pew Pew Pew had a helluva game and the rest of the team was PUUUUUMPED!!! Awesome. Yessthhh.

    Dudes…so much to talk about this week…so many great performances by the Offense, Defense, AND the Special Teams – how is that possible???

    Oh yeah, it’s DALLASS week, and Dudes were…..PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMPED!!!!!!!!!

    In any event,

    In our latest episode we talk about, well, you know what. Jerome Booger also makes a cameo this week. Yessthhh.

    They’re saying that 3 will be back this weekend. All we know is that, if we win this weekend, the season is not over. Not. Over. Yet.

    F. Dallass. Yessthhh.

    A, J, & J

    Redskins Podcast 374 is UP!!!

    21 Oct 2014

    Yo yo YO!!!

    Welcome to the Colt (Pew! Pew! Pew!) McCoy episode of Harry Hog Football!




    VICTORY over the Nashville ‘Necks, thanks to Barf pulling Sunshine and putting in Colt (Pew! Pew! Pew!) McCoy.

    Oh, and Cobra Kai going 4 for 4 on Field Goals, include the game winner as time expired. It ain’t over yet, dudes….

    A, J, & J.

    Well, we won. Sort of.

    20 Oct 2014

    Oh Joyous Monday! The Redskins squeaked one out with a win yesterday in front of 230 Redskins fans at FedEx Field! Cousins was benched in favor of Colt McCoy in the second half and the Titans were completely annihilated. Ok, not really. Whatever it takes to stay alive.

    Since we won this week, AND the Redskins Defense did not give up 24 points, Harry Hog will podcast this week as usual. In the mean time, please tell us who you think should start this week in Dallass. Jay Gruden keeps calling us for guidance and we need to tell him something pretty soon. Glad he listened and put Colt in yesterday… HTTR!

    Who should start against Dallas next week? (Select 3 that most apply)

    • Colt McCoy (67%, 6 Votes)
    • Santana Moss (56%, 5 Votes)
    • Tom Compton (33%, 3 Votes)
    • Gary Busey (22%, 2 Votes)
    • RGIII (11%, 1 Votes)
    • Capt. Kirk Cousins (0%, 0 Votes)
    • Tyler Polumbus (0%, 0 Votes)

    Total Voters: 9

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