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    Redskins Podcast 412 is UP!!!

    22 Sep 2016

    Dudes…the Bad News is it’s about the Freaking Cowboys Game.

    The Good News is that we did…a VIDEO PODCAST!!!

    Check it out here, or just listen to the audio from iTunes or what-have-you…

    VIDEO, YO…

    Redskins Podcast 411 is UP!!!

    17 Sep 2016

    We Want Dall-ass….We Want Dall-ass…

    Wait, after our first game, maybe we don’t want Dall-ass…

    Except YEAH WE DO!!!

    First week sucked, but the Steelers had our number. We need to beef up the Defensive Line – number 1. Number 2: Norman. Cover the best guy. Period. Number 3: Coaches. Coach better.

    Oh hell, just get it together and Beat Dallass!!!


    A & J

    Redskins Podcast 410 is UP!!!

    11 Sep 2016

    Dudes. Football is HERE.

    In this episode we talk very briefly about the Bucs game. Cool. Done.

    This week is Aaron’s Precarious Predictions. I’m not gonna say what the final predictions will be…let’s just say we’re looking UNDEFEATED. Again. WOOOO!!!


    A and J

    Redskins Podcast 409 is UP!!!

    30 Aug 2016

    Dudes. Not bad against the Bills and the Ryan Brothers. You know, if you look at both of their stomachs on camera, at the same time, their heads aren’t even in the screen.


    Check out our latest Redskins podcast, where we cover the Bills game, signings and cuts, the injury report, and much, much more.


    With Aaron and John


    Redskins Podcast 408 is UP!!!

    24 Aug 2016

    Dude, Hail to beating the J-E-T-S this week (in preseason). Check out this weeks’ podcast with Aaron, Josh, and John and we discuss the game, our new (maybe) Center, RG3s divorce, and what have you.


    A, J, and J